The concentration in Multicultural and Transnational Literatures is an advanced degree focusing on U.S. ethnic and world literatures from local, regional, national, transnational, and global perspectives. In our program, the approach to understanding and appreciating literatures is interdisciplinary, involving the study of historical, political, artistic, geographic, and environmental contexts and literary aesthetics and interpretation. Methodologies are drawn from literary, cultural, and colonial/postcolonial/diasporic studies and discourse analysis.

This concentration provides excellent preparation for the pursuit of the doctoral degree and a wide range of professions, including secondary and higher education, law, public policy, international service, business, or any profession that would benefit from an understanding of multicultural and global peoples, arts, traditions, histories, interactions, and issues as represented and interpreted through literature and criticism.

The Master’s degree is available as both a campus program (requiring attendance in face-to-face classes on the ECU campus and offering the possibility of research and teaching assistantships), and as a Distance Education (DE) degree offered fully online.*

*Priority for registration in DE classes is given to students who are officially admitted as DE students.

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