Research within Visual Motor Lab (VML) involves projects that examine visual attention, motor control, cognitive function, and visual processing through neuroimaging. The goal of our research program is to understand how vision and cognition control and modulate motor behavior. This research is based on the use of eye movement recordings, biometrics, and psychophysiological recordings including EMG, EEG, and ECG as well as other measures to examine cognitive function in information-rich environments. The lab is designed to measure human motor behavior in dynamic situations through in-field assessment, virtual simulations, or in more static, self-paced laboratory tasks.

Our secondary focus includes research to determine how visual search behavior influences motor dysfunction such as impaired balance control and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) through Mobile Brain / Body Imaging (MoBI) techniques.

At the core of this research is to investigate the links between the perceptual (processing) and motor systems (output). To accomplish this goal, we examine the antecedents and consequences of an individual’s ability to function in dynamic situations based on physiological changes that can either facilitate or debilitate performance.


Lab Director: Dr. Nick Murray – MURRAYNI@ecu.edu

Location:  Minges 81 (see the 360° view below)