N. Ruth Gaskins Little

Assistant Professor Director, DrPH – Health Policy, Administration and Leadership Program Department of Public Health Brody School of Medicine Phone: 252-744-3123 Email: littlena@ecu.edu Website: https://public-health.ecu.edu/littlena/ Areas of expertise: health care delivery to underserved populations, access to health care, public health leadership development including personnel and administration, aging and long-term care, substance abuse prevention

Jamie Brown Kruse

Distinguished Professor, Department of Economics Director, Center for Natural Hazards Research Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Phone: 252-328-5718 Email: krusej@ecu.edu Website: https://economics.ecu.edu/faculty-staff/krusej/ Areas of expertise: risk, health, wind hazard economics; disease management; response to hazards; floods; flooding

John F. Kros

Vincent K. McMahon Distinguished Professor Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management College of Business Phone: 252-328-6364 Email: krosj@ecu.edu Website: https://business.ecu.edu/faculty/krosj/ Areas of expertise: Applied probability and statistics (e.g., N.C. Lottery, gambling, waiting lines and queues), decision analysis and risk preference, manufacturing and service trends, supply chain management, procurement, logistics

Linda Kean

Dean and Professor College of Fine Arts and Communication Phone: 252-328-1511; 252-328-1283 Email: keanl@ecu.edu Website: https://communication.ecu.edu/faculty-staff/linda-kean/ Areas of expertise: Portrayals of race and gender in mass media, health communication and mass media, designing and evaluating mass media campaign, influence of media messages on individual perceptions/attitudes/behaviors

Andrea Kitta

Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies Department of English Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Phone: 252-328-2832 Email: kittaa@ecu.edu Website: https://english.ecu.edu/people/faculty/andrea-kitta/ Areas of expertise: Cultural history of vaccination, the anti-vaccination movement, modern medical folklore, folklore of medicine, patient/doctor communication, urban legends, folklore, Slender Man, the supernatural, ghosts