Okmyung “Paul” Bin 

Professor Department of Economics Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Phone: 252-328-6820 Email: bino@ecu.edu Website: https://economics.ecu.edu/faculty-staff/bino/ Areas of expertise: economics, affiliate with the Center for Natural Hazards Research, housing, flood hazards, environmental and natural resource economics, applied econometrics

Charles Humphrey

Associate Professor Licensed soil scientist; registered environmental health specialist Department of Health Education and Promotion College of Health and Human Performance Phone: 252-737-1479 Email: humphreyc@ecu.edu Website: https://hhp.ecu.edu/faculty/humphrey/ Areas of expertise: On-site wastewater, soils, land use impacts on water quality, effectiveness of wastewater treatment systems on reducing pollutant concentrations, contaminant transport in groundwater and surface waters and the influence of … Read more

Scott Lecce

Professor Department of Geography Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Phone: 252-328-1047 Email: lecces@ecu.edu Website: https://geography.ecu.edu/home/directory/scott-lecce/ Areas of expertise: hydrology; flood hydrology; heavy metal contamination in rivers; human impacts on erosion; river channels; floodplains; hydrologic and geomorphic responses to environmental change

Jamie Brown Kruse

Distinguished Professor, Department of Economics Director, Center for Natural Hazards Research Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Phone: 252-328-5718 Email: krusej@ecu.edu Website: https://economics.ecu.edu/faculty-staff/krusej/ Areas of expertise: risk, health, wind hazard economics; disease management; response to hazards; floods; flooding