Hanna Samir Kassab

Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Political ScienceThomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Phone: 252-737-5585 Email: kassabh18@ecu.edu Website: https://securitystudies.ecu.edu/about-us/dr-hanna-kassab/ Areas of expertise: International relations, international security, international economy, terrorism, organized crime, war

Armin Krishnan

Associate Professor Director, Security Studies program Department of Political Science Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Phone: 252-328-6156 Email: krishnana@ecu.edu Websites: http://www.ecu.edu/polsci/faculty/krishnan.html https://securitystudies.ecu.edu/about-us/dr-armin-krishnan/ Areas of expertise: privatization and outsourcing in the national security sector, military robotics and military ethics, targeted killings, shadow wars and U.S. covert action, government secrecy, intelligence community

Festus Eribo

Professor School of Communication College of Fine Arts and Communication Phone: 252-328-6453 Email: eribof@ecu.edu Areas of expertise: press freedom, mass communication and journalism in Africa, mass communication in Russia, development communication, international communication, international public relations