Movement Analysis and Biomechanics Lab

The Movement Analysis and Biomechanics Lab (MoBiL) is located on the main floor of the Department of Physical Therapy at ECU in the Health Sciences Building in room 1425.

Researchers in this lab seek to minimize the impact of injury and movement disorders on health outcomes and participation through the analysis of human movement using a variety of cutting-edge technologies.

This 2100 ft2 facility includes two primary data collection areas equipped with Qualisys 3D motion analysis systems allowing for assessment of a variety of motor tasks including walking, running, jumping, running, cutting, throwing, and treadmill-based locomotor challenges and perturbations.

One 10 camera Qualisys system is integrated with a split-belt Bertec Fully Instrumented Treadmill. This motion analysis system is capable of real time feedback of movements and musculoskeletal forces.
One 8 camera Qualisys system is integrated with six AMTI force platforms embedded in a 30 meter walkway.

Laboratory space houses student computing stations and allows for data acquisition, data processing and analysis, and clinical examination. Other relevant equipment available for use includes:

  • Two 16-channel EMG systems
  • 4-sensor 3D wireless motion analysis system
  • Novel Pedar insole pressure measurement system
  • Humac NORM isokinetic dynamometer
  • Triaxial accelerometers
  • Neurocom (for balance assessment)
  • GaitRite portable gait analysis system

Software commonly used includes:

  • Visual 3D
  • LabVIEW
  • Qualisys Track Manager
  • The MotionMonitor
  • Adobe Illustrator

If you are interested in learning more about our facilities, please contact John Willson ( or Denys Bashtovyy (