Researchers in the Human Movement Analysis Labs support the university mission of discovery and innovation to transform health care and promote wellness and our department’s vision to foster critical thinking and scholarship through the dissemination of scientific, clinically relevant research. Our collaborative research environment promotes discovery and dissemination of innovations that minimize the impact of movement-related limitations.

Dr. John Willson

Musculoskeletal Injury Biomechanics

 Dr. Stacey Meardon

 Neuromechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury and Recovery

Dr. Chia-Cheng Lin

Age-related Balance Control and Sensorimotor Processing

Dr. Swati Surkar

Pediatric Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Dr. Ryan Wedge

Locomotion Optimization

Dr. Amy Gross McMillan

Neuromotor Skill Development and Childhood Obesity


Student researchers are vital to the success of the HMAL. We mentor doctoral research students in the Movement Sciences and Disorders concentration of the Rehabilitation Sciences PhD program and the Physical Therapy program. We also mentor master’s students and undergraduates from outside our programs.


HMAL investigators collaborate with scientist across ECU’s campuses and beyond including: